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Let us find deals that match your preferences.

We understand how hard it can be to find real estate investment opportunities that meet your strict investment criteria. Although there seems to be a never ending supply of real estate developers seeking funding, sorting through the barrage of unsuitable offers becomes an enormous distraction.

Trust us to reduce this burden by sourcing high quality deals for you

It is as easy as filling the secure, one page survey, providing us with the key details that define your investment criteria. We keep the questions open and flexible, since we know that your requirements are unique to you or your fund.

We then take your responses and create a profile that we use to:

  • filter our existing list of projects, available for immediate investment
  • search for offerings from an extensive network of sponsors, developers and syndicators

Based on this effort, we will then periodically contact you with offerings that match your profile, and have met our own standards for quality.

Sounds too good to be true? So what's in it for us?

We believe in transparency, so we won't hide that this is a win-win.

REPSE helps accredited investors, high net worth individuals, family offices and funds invest in real estate projects. Working with real estate developers and syndicators, we issue shares in projects which investors can buy just like other private equity offerings.

If we find a project that you are ready to commit to, we will wrap it up into a formal offering and present it to you for rapid and secure investment. We maintain a small interest in the project too, and it is through our participation alongside you that we are compensated.

Value added, with every deal

We hope that over time you come to rely on our service and choose to invest through us again and again. When you do, we can make each deal even easier for you.

  • Reduce legal effort: we provide you operating and subscription agreements that are consistent from one deal to the next. We will provide a copy that shows changes compared to the last deal you completed, making legal reviews faster.
  • Save time: your account information, accreditation status, and preferences are all securely retained for future reference, so we don't force you to waste time re-entering data.
  • Improve project quality: we help to raise the standard of projects your participate in, through improved offering transparency, investor communications and project performance analysis.

Find Real Estate Investment Opportunities More Easily


There is no fee for finding deals & we respect your privacy.

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